Sam Hunt takes “Outskirts” to #1 + shares gratitude for fans

Courtesy of MCA Nashville

As Sam Hunt celebrates his 10th #1 with “Outskirts,” he’s reflecting on his career in country music and the people who have been there with him from the get-go: his fans.

“They mean the world to me. They’re the reason I have a career,” Sam tells the press. “Our fans specifically have been a unique section of country music fans. A lot of our fans aren’t traditional country music fans, but now [have got] on board through some of our music, which is always awesome to hear.”

Sam has not only shaped his fans’ music taste but has watched them grow up from teens to parents. His music has, quite literally, transcended generations.

“From the early days, I’ve really appreciated the enthusiasm our fans have had and [their] loyalty. They’ve stuck with us all these years and now, 10 years in, it feels like a lot of us have grown up,” says Sam. “A lot of them have kids now. They’re bringing their kids out to the shows the last two or three years, which is really cool to see.”

He adds, “We have a real relationship that goes back now, which makes it more meaningful when we get out and see some familiar faces on the road.”

You can find “Outskirts” on Sam’s latest EP, Locked Up, out now.

To catch Sam on his Locked Up Tour this summer, head to

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