Ashley McBryde’s go-to spot to unwind? The mountains


If there’s one place Ashley McBryde likes to go for some peace and quiet, it’s the mountains.

“A lot of my friends, like many of us, love the beach and they always [go], ‘We should hit the beach. We should find a tiki bar,’ and I will go with them if that’s the plan,” Ashley tells the press, before sharing where she loves unwinding when she’s not touring.

“For me, it’s somewhere in the mountains where there’s probably a good chance of seeing wild horses in their natural habitat, in a cabin with no cell service, where you can get quiet and just appreciate nature and your own thoughts for a little while,” details Ashley.

Mountain vacations, however, will have to wait as Ashley’s currently on her The Devil I Know Tour, with upcoming stops in Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi and more.

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