Brothers Osborne almost didn’t record “Break Mine”

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

“Break Mine” may be the title track of Brothers Osborne‘s latest EP, but did you know the duo almost didn’t record and release it?

In a recent press interview, TJ Osborne recalled how the then-half-baked song was put on the back burner and almost didn’t see the light of day.

“‘Break Mine’ was a song we wrote with Shane McAnally and Pete Good, and we initially didn’t finish the song. It was about half done, and then months went by and Shane McAnally — or shoot, maybe might’ve been even a year — Shane McAnally texted us and said, ‘Man, I just listened to this work tape, and I think this song is really good. We should finish it,'” TJ recounts. 

“So a couple months went by and we got in the room and finished the song up, and we just felt immediately there that it was something really special,” he shares. “It’s always cool when you have those moments and the song can see the light of day, especially after going through several revisions and almost getting lost at one point.”

“It almost got forgotten about, and then to dive back into it and do the work and get it back out there is just, for me anyways, it’s really an encouraging thing,” says TJ.

Brother Osborne’s Break Mine EP is available wherever you listen to music.

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