George Birge on scoring a #1 hit: “It’s something that I’ve chased for a long time”

Disney/Scott Kirkland

There’s nothing quite like scoring your first chart-topping single, especially when it’s something you’ve worked toward for years.

That’s how George Birge feels about “Mind on You,” especially after moving to Nashville years ago to chase his country music dreams.

“What a feeling. It’s something that I’ve chased for a long time,” George tells ABC Audio. “You never really know if it’s going to come true and to have ‘Mind on You’ go number one, last day of the year, December 31st. What a way to close a chapter and start a new one for me.”

So, how did George celebrate his first #1 hit? Well, let’s just say it was simple and sweet.

“I was actually back in Texas with my family. I found out on a Thursday that we had a lead that was not going to be caught up to [on the country charts], so I went to the liquor store down the street from my house that I was staying at. I bought the nicest bottle of wine I could find,” George shares.

“It was like a $100 bottle of wine. And we popped that, me and my wife, and had a great night, man,” he recalls. “So, pretty low-key, but a great way to celebrate.” 

You can find “Mind on You” on George’s debut album, George Birge: Mind On You. His latest single, “Cowboy Songs,” is the title track of his follow-up seven-track EP, which arrived in April.

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