Zach Top on writing “Sounds Like the Radio” + why it’s his debut single

Courtesy of Leo33

If you’ve heard “Sounds Like the Radio,” you’ve unknowingly got a glimpse of Zach Top‘s country music love story.

Chatting with ABC Audio at Stagecoach Festival, Zach talks about the genesis of his partly autobiographical tune and why he’s a big fan of it.

“We didn’t set out to write it as a biopic, but it kind of turned out that way. It’s a little bit of my story of how I fell in love with country music, and that’s just a fun one,” says Zach, who co-wrote the track with Carson Chamberlain and Wyatt McCubbin.

“You don’t hear many dancing songs anymore. I think that’s a perfect song to get out there with your girl and two-step,” he adds.

With “radio” in its title, Zach says “Sounds Like the Radio” was long destined to be a single on country radio.

“I love that song. We always thought that would be, ever since we wrote it, it was like, ‘Man, that should be the first radio single.’ It’s got radio in the title. A little soft pandering never hurts,” shares the country newcomer.

“So yeah, really excited to have that thing out and excited for the reception it’s got so far in radio land and with the fans,” adds Zach.

“Sounds Like the Radio” is currently approaching the top 30 of the country charts. It’s the lead single off Zach’s debut album, Cold Beer & Country Music, out now.

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