Tyler Hubbard offers a behind-the-scenes look at ’80s-inspired “Back Then Right Now”

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

Ever wondered what recording “Back Then Right Now” was like for Tyler Hubbard? Well, you’re in luck because Tyler’s offering a glimpse of what went on in the studio that day.

“I just sort of told the players to really take creative freedom and see where this song led,” Tyler shares in a press interview. “We were really pulling a lot of ’80s inspiration if you will, ’80s sounds, and everything had this undertone of ’80s vintage, probably more pop undertone.”

“It really just felt fresh and fun. It just livened [the song] up for some reason,” he recalls.

Knowing the studio musicians were on to something good, Tyler decided to chase that nostalgic, hit-ready sound down.

“I told [the players] to really keep leaning into that, whatever that thing is. It just [felt] classic and unique at the time,” recounts Tyler. “So we just ran with it and had a lot of fun with it, and I feel like it was the perfect blend of lifestyle, nostalgic memories and pictures and colors mixed with incredible musicianship and production as well.”

“Back Then Right Now” is currently #2 on the country charts. You can find it on Tyler’s sophomore album, Strong, out now.

Tickets to Tyler’s upcoming Strong World Tour are available now at his website.

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