Brian Kelley says ‘Tennessee Truth’ captures “everything that I am and everything that I do”

Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Authenticity takes center stage on Brian Kelley‘s forthcoming Big Machine Records debut album, Tennessee Truth.

Arriving Friday, the autobiographical project will proudly showcase the Florida native’s values, passions and love for the good ol’ country lifestyle. 

“For the most part other than one song [“Kiss My Boots”], it’s not a serious record. I mean, it’s really fun, it’s airy, it rocks at moments real hard,” Brian tells ABC Audio. “There’s love on there. It’s outdoor living, it’s hunting, it’s fishing, it’s love. It’s everything that I am and everything that I do just on this record.”

While the album is personal, Brian’s confident its thematic elements will strike a chord with like-minded country fans and listeners.

“My Tennessee Truth is I’m not any different than those that are going to enjoy this record,” says Brian. “We have the same head space and mindset. We love country music. We have a lot of the same core values of God, family, country, working hard [and] having something to look forward to when that hard work is done, right?”

Tennessee Truth is available for presave now.

Here’s the full track list for Tennessee Truth:

“How We’re Livin'”
“King Ranch”
“Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer”
“Goin’ Places”
“Barefeet Or Boots”
“Dirt Road Date Night”
“10 O’Clock On The Dock”
“See You Next Summer”
“Doin’ Nothin'”
“Dirt Cheap”
“Kiss My Boots”

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