Brothers Osborne inherited their mom’s “very strong qualities”

Disney/Scott Kirkland

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Brothers Osborne‘s TJ and John are reflecting on their mom and how she’s shaped them both. 

“I feel like moms, you guys always get it the hardest,” TJ tells the press. “I think the last thing I wanted for most of my life was like, ‘Gah, I don’t want to be like my mom,’ and then you get older, and I’m like, ‘I do. I want to be like my mom.'”

“She’s got a lot of very strong qualities, a lot of qualities that we had growing up I think that have made us, us, and successful and who we are, are from her. So, here’s to all you mothers out there,” he shares, before adding with a laugh, “We literally wouldn’t be here without you.”

Brothers Osborne are now at country radio for their new single, “Break Mine.” You can find it on their latest four-song EP, Break Mine.

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