Farm Tour’s more than a concert for Luke Bryan: “We’re helping people feed Americans”


Luke Bryan‘s Farm Tour has been ongoing since 2009. It’ll hit its 15th run in September, with four of the six shows already announced.

While Farm Tour can be fun, it’s more than that for Luke. To him, it’s an opportunity to give back to the community and the less fortunate. 

“The beauty of Farm Tour is we’re out there on the farm. We’re helping people feed Americans. We’re giving out scholarships. You’ve got 20,000 people piling into an alfalfa field, corn field, hay field, it doesn’t matter. It’s a field,” Luke tells the press.

“But when you put that many people out there in the fall where the [temperatures] are kinda getting a little cool at night, nothing is more special than Farm Tour and that’s why I keep doing it year after year,” he shares.

Currently, 83 college scholarships have been awarded to students who come from farming families and are attending the local college or university near Luke’s Farm Tour stops. Additionally, Luke and Bayer will continue partnering up for their Here’s to the Farmer initiative to benefit Feeding America and provide meals to those experiencing hunger. 

Tickets to Luke’s 2024 Farm Tour are available now on his website.

On the music front, Luke is approaching the top 30 of the country charts with his latest single, “Love You, Miss You, Mean It.”

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