Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren, inspired “Beautiful as You”

Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett is back with a new single, “Beautiful as You,” and if you’re wondering who inspired it, it was his wife, Lauren.

“This is an anthem for everybody who feels like they out-kicked their coverage,” Thomas tells the press with a laugh. “There was one day a couple years back when I was looking at my wife, and I was like, ‘Why in the world did you choose me?’ I get to be with someone who could easily be on the cover of a magazine, and I get to see her in all her forms – a partner, a mother, a friend, even a philanthropist.”

“I just feel like I’ve got a first row seat at almost-perfection, if you will,” he notes. “And like the song says, ‘Seriously, what is somebody as amazing as you doing with somebody like me?'”

Those sentiments are reflected in the lyrics of “Beautiful as You,” which Thomas co-wrote.

“What’s someone as beautiful as you/ Doin’ ridin’ ’round with someone like me?/ I swear, girl, you could havе anyone you choose. I should stop askin’ questions ‘forе you get up and leave/ What’s someone as beautiful as you/ Doin’ wakin’ up with someone like me?/ Ain’t gonna lie, you could have anyone you choose/ I should stop askin’ questions ‘fore you get up and leave,” goes the chorus.

“Beautiful as You” previews the upcoming follow-up to 2022’s Where We Started.

Thomas shares, “So much of my music is a reflection of the stage of life [Lauren and I] are in – we’re in a very joyful season – and this song is just the tip of the iceberg to the rest of this next album.”

“Beautiful as You” is out now wherever you listen to music.

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