For ACM New Male nominee Dylan Scott, his wife, kids and sold-out shows are the ultimate reward

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It’s been almost eight years since Dylan Scott released his first chart-topping single, “My Girl,” and since then, he’s gone on to have three more number ones, as well as a top-five hit. So he might not be the most obvious contender for ACM New Male Artist of the Year.

In fact, Dylan was up for the same award last year.

“I don’t feel new either, dude,” Dylan jokes in response to the observation his experience may be out of kilter with his nomination. “We’ve had some hits now and it’s cool to be recognized, right?”

“But there’s so many great new artists having success right now that I feel like, ‘Man, they need to be in this category, not me,'” he observes.

But given how difficult it can be to bring home a nomination, Dylan doesn’t take the pat on the back for granted.

“It’s very hard to break into anything in the music industry,” he points out. “And we’ve … literally been in the trenches and fought and clawed our way up to where we are now. And it does, it feels good, man, having some success.”

For Dylan, that’s the real reward.

“It would mean a lot from the standpoint of just, I’ve been doing this a long time,” the Louisiana native tells ABC Audio. “But man, I don’t need a trophy, you know?”

“I’m 33 years old, got my kids and my wife, and we’re touring all over the place selling out shows, and life is good,” he continues. “And that’s the trophy right there. So it ain’t about who wins to me.” 

ERNEST, Kameron Marlowe, Conner Smith and Nate Smith are also in the running for New Male Artist.

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