Parker McCollum says he’s performing a “big ol’ hit” at the ACM Awards


For ACM Visual Media winner and Single of the Year nominee Parker McCollum, being at the ACM Awards is more than just being nominated and taking home trophies.

“I’ve been lucky to win a few awards and it’s a terrific feeling. You work so hard and any time you get a little bit of spotlight on you, [you] certainly don’t take it for granted. But, man, just being here is the biggest thing for me,” Parker tells ABC Audio.

“That’s the win for me. That’s what I hang my hat on — being considered in such a crazy talented pool of country artists,” he says. “For [the Academy of Country Music] to feel like I deserve to be here, that’s my win.”

While Parker is tight-lipped about the song he’s performing onstage, he teased that it’s going be a song you may have heard on the radio.

“It’s different for sure. I think it’ll be received well. The guys and I did rehearsal two nights ago, so I think it’d be cool. We won’t be playing a new song, but, we play a song that was a big ol’ hit for us the last year,” Parker shares, before adding in jest, “They could ask me to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and I’d be thrilled.” 

You can stream the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards, hosted by Reba McEntire, live Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Prime Video.

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