Carly Pearce learns a new workout from Tim McGraw


Carly Pearce has learned a new workout: the tire flip.

The “What He Didn’t Do” singer shared on Instagram a video of Tim McGraw teaching her the functional training movement, which left her exhausted. 

“Will you please help me? I need help. I clearly am not doing that right, right? This is how I was doing it,” Carly tells Tim as she struggles to flip the tire. 

“Bend your knees. Get your hands underneath the bottom. Bend your knees further. Now lift with your legs and butt,” Tim instructs Carly as she successfully flips the tire off the ground.

When the “I Like It, I Love It” hitmaker tells Carly how many times he typically flips the tire, she shakes her head and responds, “This is as far as I’ll go.” So instead, Tim improvises and they start pushing the tire back and forth without covering any distance.

“Oh I can do that. This is more my speed of a workout,” says Carly.

“It’s like a seesaw,” Tim notes, to which Carly jokes, “This is why I don’t look like you.” 

You can watch the mini workout video on Carly’s Instagram.

Carly’s currently opening for Tim on his Standing Room Only Tour, with upcoming stops in Toledo, Chicago and Grand Rapids on May 30, May 31 and June 1, respectively.

For tickets and the full schedule, head to Tim’s website.

Carly’s new album, Hummingbird, arrives June 7, and is available for preorder and presave now.

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