Thomas Rhett shares why he picked “Beautiful as You” as a lead single

Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett may have released “Beautiful as You” recently, but you won’t have to wait long for even more new music.

“I got a whole record coming out in August and [I’m] going to start releasing songs throughout the summer,” Thomas teases in an interview with ABC Audio.

But why did he choose “Beautiful as You” to introduce his upcoming album?

“‘Beautiful as You’ just sort of reminded me of how I used to kind of start my records, sort of with a big swing, different sound, sonically different, melodically different, and a song that my kids just really, really enjoyed and danced to,” Thomas explains. “So it seemed like the right first choice to us.”

“[I’ve] been working on this record for a year and a half and [I’m] just excited to finally get new music out into the world, because it’s been a minute for me,” he adds. 

“Beautiful as You” is currently approaching the top 20 of the country charts. 

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