Scotty McCreery on his sixth #1: “I do not take it for granted at all”

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

There’s much to celebrate in the Scotty McCreery orbit these days.

Scotty’s latest album, Rise & Fall, debuted atop the Billboard Current Country Album Chart, and that feat was preceded by “Cab in a Solo” hitting #1 on the country charts. So it’s safe to say Scotty’s been pretty grateful, even though he’s not had time to pause and celebrate his sixth #1 quite yet.

“It was not that long ago that I had zero number-ones, so I remember that,” Scotty tells ABC Audio. “I will say we’ve been so busy this season with ‘Cab [in a Solo],’ promoting the new album, the Opry stuff, coming to the ACMs, I haven’t had a chance to celebrate it yet, in my mind, like with my family and everything.”

“That’s hopefully coming soon. But no, I do not take it for granted at all,” he shares.

With five prior chart-topping singles under his belt, Scotty already knows how he’s celebrating his sixth.

“I feel like, number one, I want to celebrate with my team because it’s like, I’m not getting the number one by myself. I got so many great people behind the scenes working and helping me out. So I want to celebrate with them and celebrate their hard work to get that to happen,” says the newly inducted Grand Ole Opry member.

“And then personally, you know, my family, my friends. Every number one, we’ve had, like, a big party and celebrated and then pop the champagne like we won the World Series,” Scotty adds. “So, we haven’t had that chance yet, but I promise you we’ll get to it because it’s a cool thing to celebrate.” 

Scotty’s follow-up single will be “Fall of Summer.”

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