Miranda recorded her “pretty honky-tonk” new album in Texas


Love a really country album with steel guitar? Well, Miranda Lambert might just have the record for you.

While Miranda’s still hush-hush about the release date, she did discuss the production style of the project — one that she recorded in the Lone Star State.

“I made this record in Texas, and it meant the world to me. I had not made a record in Texas since I was 18, my independent album,” Miranda tells Variety in a recent interview. “I went there with Jon Randall, who’s my partner at Big Loud Texas and my songwriting buddy and one of my best friends in the world, and he co-produced it with me.”

“I just felt like finally, I’m home. I feel like that on the label; I feel like that recording it in Texas,” she says of her debut album with Republic Records and Big Loud. “This music really reflects what made me the artist that I am. I feel like it’s pretty honky-tonk, which I’m very excited about. Lots of steel guitar on there.”

As for when the new record could potentially drop, Miranda says that she’s “hoping for fall.”

“That’s when we’re shooting for. The sooner the better, for me. I’m excited and ready.”

While you wait for the as-yet-untitled project, check out its lead single, “Wranglers.”

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