Jelly Roll is partnering with Dunkin’ for National Donut Day — because of course he is

Courtesy Dunkin’

Who better to help Dunkin’ celebrate National Donut Day than Jelly Roll?

In a new video, Jelly, born Jason DeFord, opens a box of a dozen donuts and bites into a jelly donut, while revealing that he got his famous nickname “from these little guys right here.” “Y’all know, growing up, donuts were truly my kryptonite,” he adds. “My momma used to tell me all the time that I was so sweet that I could open up my own Dunkin’!”

Jelly then demonstrates various donut-dunking techniques, including one called the “Nash Smash,” where he takes a donut and just slams it into a cup of coffee. He ends the video by noting, “Life’s better with a little jelly in it!”

At noon Thursday a new line of Jelly Roll-inspired Dunkin’ merch will launch at And on Friday — National Donut Day — you can get a free donut with any drink purchase. 

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