Luke Bryan’s bringing you clothes from the “Mind of a Country Boy”


Sunday is Father’s Day, and if you’re struggling to find that last-minute gift, Luke Bryan may be able to help.

In addition to his music career, American Idol and his 32 Bridge bar in downtown Nashville, he’s also launched his own Jockey Outdoors Collection

What does that mean exactly? Well, Luke says, first of all, the clothes have to work for him.

“When I’m on stage … if it’s not something that’s comfortable … that means I’ve just walked out there in front of 20,000 people for two hours, not being comfortable,” he says. “So when I’m around the house, nothing’s different.”

“I’m outside a lot,” he continues, “whether it’s fishing or hunting or golfing or throwing the football with my children. … It’s got to be something that I want to wear on a daily basis. If it doesn’t work for me, then it’s not gonna work for the people out there using it in their daily life.”

For Luke, it’s a hands-on collaboration. 

“Recently I called the CEO,” he recalls. “I was like, ‘Hey man, I think we’re missing out on a hoodie market.’ And two or three days later, they had all these mock-up hoodie designs.”

“What’s funny is when they took that new hoodie to like a trade show or whatever, it was one of the most popular items,” he grins.

One of Luke’s favorites? A shirt designed specifically for fishing. 

“You’ve got zippers. I didn’t like Velcro,” he says, pointing to the shirt he’s wearing. “A place to hang your sunglasses … air vents in the back. You can clean your sunglasses on the bottom.”

“And, you know, I really feel like it’s slimming. Is it slimming?” he laughs. 

Luke’s new track, “Mind of a Country Boy,” is out now. 

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