Hear how Priscilla Block redefines “Bad Guy”


Eager to hear a track from Priscilla Block‘s forthcoming PB2 EP? You’re in luck.

Priscilla hopped on Instagram recently to share a snippet of “Bad Guy.”

The video features Priscilla sitting in her car as she lip-synchs to the sassy, vengeful number.

“Sometimes the boots that up and leave/ Are snakeskin sevens with heels underneath/ The dagger gets thrown by painted nails/ Straight to a heart putting it through hell/ Sometimes the one that does you wrong is a bombshell blue eyed do you dirty blonde/ And it’s red lipstick saying goodbye/ Sometimes the girl is the bad guy,” Priscilla sings in the track.

Priscilla’s PB2 EP will include three unreleased songs: “Apartment,” “Bad Guy” and “Hell Out of a Hometown.”

“I wanted to drop three songs that showcase three different sides of me as an artist. ‘Apartment’ is my vulnerable, heart-on-my-sleeve side. ‘Bad Guy’ is the sassy anthem that I want to dance to all night long in a club. ‘Hell Out of a Hometown’ is the country girl inside of me that’s always evolving,” Priscilla tells the press. 

“This is the start of an ongoing story so make sure y’all pay close attention,” she adds. “Here’s to PB2!”

PB2 drops Friday and can be presaved now.

Here’s the PB2 track list:

“Good on You”
“Hell Out of a Hometown” 
“Bad Guy” 
“Hey Jack” 

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