Post Malone + Blake Shelton party up in “Pour Me a Drink” video

Disney/Larry McCormack

If there’s one thing Post Malone and Blake Shelton can ace together, it’s having a good time.

In the newly released “Pour Me a Drink” video, Posty and Blake round up some buddies to let loose with a couple of drinks, live music, and red and blue Solo cups.

It opens with Posty grabbing a bottle of malt liquor at a convenience store and emptying his pockets to pay for it. Instead of processing the transaction, the store clerk, played by Blake, directs him to the back of the store to enter an ongoing booze- and fun-filled party.

“Somebody pour me a drink, somebody bum me a smoke/ I’m ’bout to get on a buzz, I’m ’bout to get on a roll/ Yeah, I been breakin’ my back just keepin’ up with the Joneses/ Y’all know what I mean, yeah, y’all know how it goes/ When it’s up on a Friday and I’m paid, slide one over my way/ I can’t even think when I can hear one callin’ my name,” Posty and Blake sing in the euphoric chorus. 

“Pour Me a Drink” and the Morgan Wallen-assisted “I Had Some Help” serve as early previews of Posty’s forthcoming debut country album, F-1 Trillion. It drops Aug. 16 and can be preordered and presaved now.

Coming up, you can catch Posty and Blake’s performance of “Pour Me a Drink” on CMA Fest, hosted by Ashley McBryde and Jelly Roll, airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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