Cody Johnson’s bringing “Dirt Cheap” to life

Disney/Larry McCormack

“Good luck not tearing up on this one” is Cody Johnson‘s warning to fans as he announces his forthcoming “Dirt Cheap” music video.

It’s set to arrive Friday at 10 a.m. CT and is poised to be a tear-jerker.

Cody took to social platform X to share the news with fans, alongside a clip of him wiping away tears after watching captured footage on set.

“Props to Dustin Haney and his team for doing an incredible job on the ‘Dirt Cheap’ video!” he added on X.

Cody recently told ABC Audio that even though he didn’t write “Dirt Cheap,” he’s grateful to have had the opportunity to record it.

“It was so incredible the first time I heard it [that] I almost started tearing up and crying. And I’m going, ‘Where did this song come from?'” Cody recalled. “[Josh Phillips] wrote it about his life. He sat on it and waited until he felt like they found an artist that could really sing it properly. And I’m going, ‘Man, I’m so thankful to have this.'”

You can watch the “Dirt Cheap” video on YouTube when it premieres Friday.

“Dirt Cheap” is the second single off Cody’s latest album, Leather, and follows the chart-topping “The Painter.”

To catch Cody on his ongoing Leather Tour, head to

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