Bailey Zimmerman’s not “New to Country,” but his song is

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Bailey Zimmerman‘s country and rock roots shine in “New to Country.”

The anthemic track, which Bailey co-wrote, features lyrics that show Bailey’s upbringing and how he’s, in fact, “anything but new to country.”

“He’s got tattoos, he’s bad news/ Yeah, that’s all anybody’s ever said about me/ And yeah I like to cut loose and smoke too/ You might think I chose this way of livin’/ Nah, but it chose me/ You can hear me coming with a 6.2 hummin’/ Guns N’ Roses bumpin’ through a 12 in the floor/ I don’t need me nothing but a spot out in the country/ I smile when they say that I ain’t me anymore,” goes the opening verse.

Bailey’s latest releases include his new single, “Holy Smokes,” and “Hell or High Water” off the forthcoming Twisters: The Album.

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