Ms. Jackson Named Wiregrass Electric Cooperative Teacher of the Month

Ms. Jackson, a 2nd grade teacher at Ashford Elementary School, has been awarded the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative Teacher of the Month for April. Her passion for teaching and creating an inclusive classroom environment have made her an exceptional teacher. Ms. Jackson’s use of diverse teaching strategies caters to the learning styles and abilities of each student.

Ms. Jackson’s exceptional teaching skills have been recognized by the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, awarding her with the Teacher of the Month title. She will receive Krispy Kreme donuts, classroom supplies, a gift card to Big Mike’s Seafood, and a plaque from Jackson’s Trophies and Awards.

Teachers like Ms. Jackson, who inspire, encourage, and educate their students, deserve recognition and support. Her dedication to her students and the education profession is admirable. Let’s continue to celebrate and support educators who make a positive impact on the lives of children. Nominate a Teacher