Road Trip Snacks

What are some of the best road trip snacks? Chips, chocolate, and cookies are some of the top road trip snacks.

Remember those long, winding roads, squabbles in the backseat, and countless “Are we there yet?” queries? Ah, the joy of childhood road trips! As we journey down memory lane (quite literally), let’s dive into the wacky world of road trip snacks and the unforgettable escapades of our youthful explorations. Buckle up and get ready for a nostalgic laugh riot!

The Great Snack Selection:

A recent poll found the top snacks for a road trip include chips, chocolate, and fruit. Before we hit the road, the battle for the best road trip snacks commenced. The entire family joined the challenge, trying to strike the perfect balance between healthy and indulgent. Usually growing up, the road trip snacks included, chips and crackers. When I had my own family, it was candy snacks, drinks in a cooler and maybe a sandwich or two, and anything that would turn the kids fingertips neon orange.

The (Mis)Adventures of Snack Consumption:

Once the snacks were stowed away, it was game on! Little did we know the chaos that awaited us. Imagine driving along a bumpy road when suddenly a rogue potato chip escapes its bag, hitting your sister square in the face. Cue fits of laughter and an impromptu chip fight that had the backseat resembling a snack war zone. Sorry, Mom, for all those crumbs you had to vacuum out of the car’s crevices!

The Mystery of the Vanishing Snacks:

No road trip was complete without the enigma of the vanishing snacks. We’d pack enough snacks to feed a small army, yet somehow they always vanished before we reached our destination. Was there a snack-stealing gremlin lurking in the trunk? Or were we simply possessed by snack-devouring spirits? To this day, we still debate the mysterious disappearance of that extra-large bag of Skittles.

The Never-Ending Quest for Rest Stops:

Before we went on a road trip, we were told to use the bathroom before we left. After about an hour on the road, I would beg and plea for a potty stop before my kidneys exploded.  I was told, “You should’ve gone before we left!” Finally she  would announce, “We’re stopping at the next rest area,” and I’d be all perked up. Little did I realize that the “next rest area” was actually an hour away. The anticipation grew with each mile marker. Finally, the victorious cry of “Rest stop ahead!” echoed through the car, and I celebrated like I had conquered Mount Everest.

The Unforgettable Sing-Alongs:

No road trip was complete without a soundtrack of silly sing-alongs. From old classics to catchy jingles, we belted out tunes with unabashed enthusiasm. Our off-key renditions would make any professional singer cringe, but the laughter and joy were infectious. Who knew “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” could be so entertaining, especially when we tried to count down from 99 to 1 without mixing up the numbers? Spoiler alert: we always failed hilariously! Also, infinite amounts of I Spy. This would usually end up in arguments that one person was cheating!


As we reminisce about the best road trip snacks and our unforgettable childhood adventures, we realize that the joy wasn’t just in reaching the destination but in the laughter-filled journey along the way. From snack battles to vanishing treats and bathroom break quests, those road trips were the perfect mix of chaos, camaraderie, and craziness. So, next time you hit the road, don’t forget to pack your sense of humor along with those scrumptious snacks. And remember, it’s not about the destination—it’s about the ridiculously entertaining memories you create on the journey. Happy road tripping!